Our Cats available for rehoming


Ivan is a real character! He is 7 years old and has spent all those years as an indoor cat in one room. When he came to us he was very stressed and would hiss all the time. But now he craves attention and loves to play. So will you give a chance of a new life?


My what a pretty boy! Ashley is a bit of a looker and so playful too. But at the moment he isn’t keen on us humans. A young cat looking for a home where he can be loved and spoilt rotten.


We have been rehoming a lot of cats lately which is fantastic. However this has meant that we are struggling to keep the website uptodate! So please do pop in as we always have lots of cats here – many of which are new in. We hope to have all the new cats on the website very soon. Look forward to seeing you!


Sooty is a stunning middle aged boy. Any fuss is on his terms and on occasion he does like to try and trip you up by swiping your ankles! A home on his own is what he needs – with no young children.


Claire was one of a group of 6 young cats – 4 females and 2 males. All 4 females were pregnant! Claire and her sisters Lola, Faye and Lisa and their brothers Lee and Justin are all now looking for homes. They are all a little wary of humans but with tlc and patience they will be lovely cats.

Shy cats

We always have a number of cats here that are very shy and not very trusting of us humans. All they need is space to be themselves and lots of tlc and patience. So if you think you can offer a couple of shy cats a home then please pop in to meet them. Thank you

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