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JUMBLY SALE – CANCELLED Unfortunately we have had to cancel our Jumbly sale today due to the snow and very icy roads around Venture Farm. We..

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JUMBLY SALE – SUNDAY 18th MARCH 10am to 2pm CANCELLED – Very Icy and snowy roads round the Farm. Yes as mad as we are the Jumbly sale is still..

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LOGS – LOTS OF THEM! We are having a lot of leylandi trees cut down at the moment so there are a lot of logs available. Collection only. We are..

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Photos from Venture Farm Cat Rescue's post

OLD BUT YOUNG AT HEART Bindi and Suni are 2 older cats here looking for a home. They are incredibly close so will need a home together. Both..

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GERRY TAKING A KEEN INTEREST IN WHAT IS GOING ON! Gerry decided it was a good idea to try to listen in on Carol’s telephone conversation! Very..

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